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CANYONING & FLOATING Au départ de la Palud Moustiers Castellanne Verdon Saison 2017 !

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Verdon natural regional park

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The Site is born !

A structure for your activities in the Verdon canyon framed by one of the most recognized and experienced guides!
Welcome, here it is not the canyoning industry, the imperative is not at maximum profitability but the quality of the activity!
And that changes everything! Deplus in connection with the long Verdon Regional Park, the 'Verdoniens' participate in trainings for better understanding and protecting the natural environment.
This season we offer CANYONING & FLOATING  !
soon in the Verdon natural park  !

Castellane / Moustiers sainte Marie, Rougon, La Palud sur Verdon.

Canyoning VERDON

From 6 people, contact us for a group rate!

The 'canyoning ' or canyoning is an activity accessible to all ... there are canyons for all levels, something for everyone ... vertical, water, and very difficult for other perfect start ...

 But the middle remains the same, a medium made of rock and water, light and shadow, a fragile and sometimes hostile environment. Canyoning is a fun activity that you can also take in geological time, you discover sites of great beauty and feel intense moments.

Let yourself be guided …

All activities are supervised by qualified instructors holder status OF BEES or JEPS.

Equipment provided:
harness, helmet, wetsuit bootie and isothermal backpack and waterproof container.
Predictable :
-           Type of shoe basketball or walking (watch them go in the water !!)
-           Picnic for the course for the day.
-           A bottle of water in all cases.

The various canyons:
Initiation  : all courses are half day. From the age of 8.
Ravine Balène: Perfect start to the season ... A little gem lost in the foothills of Mount denier. Ideal for families with children. Aquatic and Vertical. 
Appt Moustiers Ste Marie. Price: 45 €

Ravine Baudan-Bau: In summer when the sun hits ... the baou remains a haven of freshness accessible to all by the ravine of Baudan and these little reminders dry. Vertical and Water . Appt La Palud-sur-Verdon. Price: 50 € 

Samson corridor:  The price of fame ... a sublime journey into the mythical site of the Samson corridor ... Swim, jump between steep walls of the Grand Canyon ... but not alone! Aquatic. Appt Home Sublime Point. Price: 45 € 

The ravine of Notre Dame:
U n real journey to the heart of the earth , water in the spring, it becomes a dry course during the summer, but this little gem hidden behind the chapel of Our Lady in Moustiers remains a great adventure. Ideal for families with children. Vertical (and Water).  
Appt Moustiers Ste Marie . Price: 45 €
Lower Canyon Jabron: A must if you like the emerald water, jumps, siphons a real journey over water !!! Ideal for families with children. Aquatic. Appt Trigance Bridge. Price: 45 € 

Canyon St Auban: more technical than others, very water in cold water, a fitness trail and engaged . Aquatic .Vertical. 
Appt Castellane or Palud-sur-Verdon. Price: 60 €
Development  : all courses are the day.
Le Riou
A legendary route ... A walk ¾ hours takes you from Moustiers St. Marie to the plateau overlooking the surroundings.
From there, you discover the Canyon Riou by a first part where water jump, slide and escalation transport you into a mineral medium.
The second part, you discover the vertical rappelling joys in waterfalls where sky and water become one. 

Appt Moustiers-Ste-Marie Price: 70 €

The Ravine of the Dead Hand
The vertiginous access ... A succession of reminders and shady corridors, takes you into this mineral scenery until final reminder that will immerse you in the sun, in the Verdon emerald water.
The suite will snorkeling up the river to the path of said Maugué (Bad ford) through the underground river Imbut. From there an ascent of half an hour will allow us to find civilization. Appointments: At Belvedere Mayreste.

Appt La Palud-sur-Verdon Price: 80 €

Val d'Angouire
The anxiety valley ... This is a great approach walk which leads us from this canyon not to take the spring when the water level permits ... A real cool gem where many jumps and reminders lead us to discover along the route the semi underground room pear and a great resurgence and its ancient tuffs.
Appt Moustiers-Ste-Marie . Price: 80 €

Canyon Cabrielle
Great reminders to Verdon ... A 20-minute walk on the trail bastidon then access Cabrielle (Cabre meaning goat in Provençal ...), takes us from the canyon where the great reminders s' linked together to immerse ourselves in the heart of Verdon. The result will be swimming or snorkeling to the pass of the olive tree.
Appt the neck of the olive .Prices: 70 €

The canyon Ferné
A plunge into another universe ... A 30-minute walk from the bastidon Trail overlooking the gorge to get into a canyon where ferns, boxwood trees, waterfalls reminders tuffs enchant us to get in the middle cliff 100 meters above Verdon ...
the rest will swim or snorkeling to the col de l'Olivier.
Appt the neck of the olive tree. Price: 70 €


Floating - White Water Swimming

From 6 people, contact us for a group rate!

The floating or 'swimming in white waters is a new activity designed to explore the Canyon du Verdon. 

Armed with specific equipment (float bag, helmet, wetsuit, booties and gloves), you descend the Verdon to swim to discover the gorge from the bottom through magical places like balm to pigeons, the Styx, the 'Imbut the Baou blessed ... in the footsteps of EA Martel and former Verdoniens. 

All activities are supervised by qualified instructors holder status OF BEES or JEPS.

Equipment provided:
harness, helmet, wetsuit bootie and isothermal backpack and waterproof container.
Predictable :
-           Type of shoe basketball or walking (watch them go in the water !!)
-           Picnic for the course for the day.
      -           A bottle of water in all cases. FAMILY COURSE
Daily minimum flow release by EDF (every day ... unless release of water !!) 

Samson corridor: 1/2 day
Beyond this geological door .... a journey of stunning beauty. You move between cliffs over 300m to lose you in giant balms and blocks chaos forming mazes with strange shapes !!!!
RDV: Home Point Sublime. Price: 40 euros
Estelié of the Imbut: 1 day
A fitness trail .... A foot descent from Chalet de la Maline takes us to the gateway of estelié or we dive into the emerald green water of the Verdon. To get down to the water lead through the maze of giant blocks, face the 'Styx' to finish in the underground river of Imbut. The return will be by the dizzying trail 'Maugué an ancient way of box cutters.
RDV: Parking Place de la Palud / Verdon. Price: 75 euros
Special Secret Verdon: 1 day
A direct descent to the famous marble hall of a former way .... Breakneck progress safely and crossing to swim the narrow last Verdon before the lake.
RDV: Parking neck olive .Prices: 80 €

Daily release of water by EDF (Tuesday and Friday from 1 July to 31 August ... if all goes well !!) 
Tusset of Samson: 1/2 day 
Du Pont de Tusset to Samson corridor. After a 'swimming school' we slip in the water wire through faster and more quiet area to reach the famous corridor Samson. Accessible to all, it will allow you to discover the activity and toughen you for a longer descent.  This descent has been approved  by the Natural Regional Parc      RDV: Home Point Sublime. Price: 50 €  

In the footsteps of Martel Day
A first party walk through the tunnels of the old hydroelectric project takes you to the heart of the site of stops to go down to the Artuby, discover the parade sources Verdon then continue on to the gateway the Estelié where we will go back to the chalet de la Maline.
RDV: Home sublime.Prix point: 80 €

The Great Crossing: THE 'MUST' du Verdon. Long day
The legendary course ... a descent to the heart of the canyon !!!
From the chalet de la Maline the foot descent through the famous White Martel trail takes us to the gateway of Estelié. Then alternate walking and swimming we will cross the last wild party canyon through which no path and where only water and rock dominate ... and discover the Verdon Secret.
Subterranean River Imbut, marble corridor, blessed Bau, vault emerald ... We will go down to the lake to find our civilization that nevertheless seemed to have disappeared ..
RDV: Parking of olive Pass. Price: 120 €

Willy your guide and his team

Coming in the Verdon, it is ...
Choose a guide is better ...
Choose GOOD GUIDE is essential!
Here William Michel said Willy
The Verdon is his home ...

In action in the Verdon for more than 25 years

Verdon Secret - The Movie
Responsible and safety organization whitewater.
Raft responsible for transportation equipment in the Grand Canyon
Member of the French Caving Rescue
BEES 1st degree kayak and related disciplines
OF caving JEPS,
DE JEPS canyoning

Nature lovers and sports, he Baroude around the world to live his passion.

His hobbies: geology, prehistory, ancient history, ATV, Ski-distant shipping ...
It sails a few of the most beautiful rivers in the world and explores chasms and sinkholes.

He participated in two Gallic raids then wins the Camel Trophy in 1998.

Groups and Associations:
Freelancer in the Outdoor activities (Caving, Canyon Whitewater)
Cordiste, Pyrotechnician, Trainer and jury for rope access professional qualifications, work first aid monitor.

 His team :

CANYONING & FLOATING Au départ de la Palud Moustiers Castellanne Verdon Saison 2017 !

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